illustration friday topic 'sea'

I love the sea. I grew up in a Australia near the coast... The image is made using several different backgrounds I have created before. These fish are made with a PhotoShop brush [or rather stamp] I created a couple months ago using an image of a herring.


For actual posts, I've been keeping a journal on my own website http://www.bombus.nl, which means I've been neglecting this one.


illustration friday topic 'sorrow'

The topic this week is rather touching, since it is the time of the lenten fast. I was inspired to take this photograph of my ten year old son on ash wednesday just after we received the ash cross from our priest.


illustration friday topic 'flight'

So this is what's been going on, two weeks ago my computer crashed and it took me a while to get it started again :] As soon as it was up I went to catch up on my favourite blog Robot Johnny in which he had a link to artpad.com which allowed me to create and submit my Illustration Friday entry just in time. Pfew... Here's the link to 'confused birdie'


illustration friday topic 'gluttony'

mind over matter

It's my belief that we are not actually here, what we see is tangible and appears to have some kind of order - for if it didn't we would go quite mad wouldn't we? Yet do we all see 'things' the same way? The tangible world around us is nothing more than a collection of interpretarions others have made and have passed on to us. It's the individual that tries to make sense of an interpretation - yet one can only understand an interpretation by making sense of it in one's mind - something exists for us, for we ourselves give it meaning.